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    Northern Bay and off the Cape

    Headed across the bay on Monday arvo. Roughest I have seen it close to Bribie but I made it across and in one piece, albeit wet. Had a fish on a spot close to Moreton out of the wind in the late arvo and managed a nice cod. My PB by a few cm. It blew all night and I was dubious about making it to the cape and Hutchies, but as forecast, the wind dropped out and the seas settled. Had a troll around the Cape and past Smiths and Flinders and around Hutchies with hardbody lures and then I put a spread of pushers out. Water was a bit greeny and only around 24 degrees. I had one strike on the short corner which pulled a couple of meters of line and that was it. I also got a couple of school mackerel off the beacons on my way back to Bribie to top the esky off. Still needs a couple more weeks for the water to warm up another degree I reckon.
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    Re: Northern Bay and off the Cape

    Thats a great cod, what did you get it on?
    How was the size of the schoolies?

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    Re: Northern Bay and off the Cape

    The cod was taken on a flesh bait and the schoolies were average size - about 60 / 65 cm

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    Re: Northern Bay and off the Cape


    We were out there yesterday doing similar for less results- trolled Flinders, Hutchies and then back down to shallow tempest - hardbodies and a few skirts for zilch. Yes , certainly second the comments on the water colour and temp. Waiting Waiting- . Things might be happening a little later this year out the Cape way.

    Good luck/ tight lines

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    Re: Northern Bay and off the Cape

    Thanks for the report Jeremy, I was getting a little edgy cause I can't make it out until late next week due to commitments. Good to know there's not much around yet. I can sleep a little better
    Great fish all the same...

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    Re: Northern Bay and off the Cape

    Nice cod
    Thanks for posting

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    Re: Northern Bay and off the Cape

    nice cod thanks for posting

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