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    Lowrance elite 7 Ti VS Humminbird helix 7 Di

    Hi, had my old Hds5 sounder stolen, so I got to get a new one, I only use the basic functions when fishing, like sounder and GPS.

    If you had to choose on of these sounders which would you get?

    The lowrance is $999 including navionics card (on special at bcf), the hummingbird is $1299 inc navionics card.

    Also does the hummingbird model have one transducer like the lowrance does?

    The lowrance seems like a bargain at $299 less.

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    Re: Lowrance elite 7 Si Vs Humminbird helix 7 Si

    hi mate, I have the elite 7ti. I had an older elite 5 hdi and wanted to upgrade to side scan. I was looking at these two and the garmin striker which can't add maps to the gps, but around 700/800 dollars was appealing. I think they all have a good image, but I went the lowrance as I have a motorguide xi5 which can be networked to the sounder. already having a lowrance before helps operating as well. you would find it pretty much the same as operating the hds

    cheers, shappy

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    Re: Lowrance elite 7 Si Vs Humminbird helix 7 Si

    I have played with the Elite-7 Ti ( not Si) on the hard when i helped someone set theirs up and transfer marks, and it really looks like excellent value for money. You are effectively getting last-gen HDS for HDI money. Don't know if I would bother with the structure scan, unless I wanted to turn into a river/dam fisherman, but just my preference. You even get Bottom Lock, which has previously been absent from the HDI range. Seriously considering getting one and relegating my Elite-7 CHIRP to plotter duties.

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