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    Brisbane River Jew ,Salmon and sandies

    Put the boat in late Friday night and dropped 4 pots off and then had a fish. Wasn't until early Saturday next morning and a few moves that I managed a threadfin salmon, not my biggest at 82cm but was a welcome sight. Was a bite period of about an hour, got the salmon, lost 2 "big" things, I believe 1 was a shark due to the bite off, the second just spat the hook. Also had a bite from what would appear to be a very large jew, snelled hooks and the hook that would have got him instead spun around back into the bait.

    Plan was to pull the pots Saturday night and have another fish, but due to somehow getting conjunctivits the pots were left to soak for a little longer.

    Sunday mid morning headed out, 2 pots with larger floats had drifted about 300m around a corner and had 1 legal sandie between them. The other 2 pots, 1 had moved about 20m closer to the other pot which remained where I left it. There were 6 legal sandies between these 2 pots. Haven't had an issue before with these pots moving but I guess due to the larger tides and wind they were able to drift. Luckily not far. They are the small cheaper pots so not much weight in the actual pots to start with. Had a fish after collecting the pots and managed a 75.5cm jew so was a good morning on the water even if I could only see out of 1 eye!.

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    Re: Brisbane River Jew ,Salmon and sandies

    Nice work mate ...persistence pays off by the sounds ...!!! :

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