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Thread: Fishing injury.

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    Fishing injury.

    I't doest look like we have a list of injury acquired while out fishing.
    Show us what you've managed to do and how, and any tips to avoid the rest of suffering the same.

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    Fishing injury.

    - Slashed thumb opening pipi's in rush during a hot bite. Had to cut up my shirt to stop bleeding, continued fishing until bite was over.
    - bitten by barracuda taking hook out. Never try that one again.
    - foot lacerated by an oyster shell pulling tinny through the mud.
    - fish hook though finger. Pushed through until barb clear, cut off barb with pliers and pulled out. Do it quick before the pain kicks in!
    - lots of fish spikes and gill rakes, in hooking fish.
    - a mate stepped on a catfish which had him squealing like a pig
    - bitten by a mangrove jack on the toe.

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    Re: Fishing injury.

    Treble buried in hand, pulled it out way it went in, lost a heap of blood and made a real mess, I carry a small set of bolt cutters now...and a first aid kit.

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    Re: Fishing injury.

    Does goon poisoning count?

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    Fishing injury.

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    Happened while trying to dehook a little turtle I had snagged in the flipper while fishing off rocks in Cape Palmerston National park. Needed a couple bottles of anaesthetic to get the courage to push it through

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    Re: Fishing injury.

    Was fishing with a paternoster rig, shark on bottom hook, thought it was a good idea to hold the line near top hook while trying to remove bottom hook from shark. Said shark thrashed around and top hook was then inserted into finger, now had top hook in my finger with shark hanging off the bottom hook, made a mess that did. Amazing the strength I found when it happened though.

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    Re: Fishing injury.

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    Yesterdays dinner of flat head spat the hook at the waters edge, managed to slice the webbing of both thumbs holding on.
    also managed to get caught by a muddy last christmas and have the pincers meet in the middle of my thumb. (that one hurt)

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    Re: Fishing injury.

    Not fishing but a boating related injury of mine


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    Re: Fishing injury.

    Man, that would knock me out!

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    Re: Fishing injury.

    Making the effort to punch out all the way for a long weekend house boat trip with the boys only to get a 4/0 gamakatsu octopus circle into my thumb prior to first cast. Attempted the pull, chopped the bits, wrapped him up, smashed bourbon and fished like hell for 3 days. Once back in town got it surgically removed, infection began, that was horrid. Those hooks are sick!!!
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    Re: Fishing injury.

    Accident..... maybe - stupidity ......definitely. being lazy and not reaching for a knife, was bleeding school and spotty Macs by turning them over, thumb through the gills and breaking the throat latch. Slipped and ran the heel of my palm down the top jaw. Don't need a science degree to figure out how well that worked. I use a knife now.
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