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    Navionics or C Map

    I have the opportunity to purchase either maps with a new sounder.
    Which would you go with and why.
    Most of my fishing is around Tweed and SE Qld, However I am going to the Kimberley and NW WA for 6 months next year. I might need an all Aust map.

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    Re: Navionics or C Map

    The principle difference for use in SE Qld may be the green zones. Not sure as of right now but last I checked, C-Map only had the ones for the GBRMPA - nothing for the MBMP though. Navionics does have the boundaries - they are not displayed in different colours but the outlines are there.
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    Re: Navionics or C Map

    Hey Bugman,

    I've had Navionics Gold for my last 2 sounders and I have found them quite detailed and I have fished anywhere from Gold Coast to Noosa.

    I believe there is only one Navionics gold card for all of Australia and if this is the case, I would imagine that it would show the same level of detail for all other parts of the country as well.

    Where are you buying your sounder from?

    They may have a demonstration model (not necessarily the same model as what your buying) that has the gold card installed.

    You can then zoom in on the areas you are planning to fish and have a look.


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