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    What setup do you use

    I have been off the water for quiet a few months with other commitments and being generally time poor, but I am keen to get back in and wet a line.
    I am in the Gold Coast area and fish mainly in the broadwater and coomera river, I have a few setups that are for light spinning with 4-6kg fireline on my setups.

    I have a few times gone into BCF to get something bigger and heaver (rod and reel included) but get talked out of it by the sales guys, but I often find myself breaking fish off on the lighter setup, I realize I cant catch everything as there might be some big fish in the broadwater but I would like to get some more of them in then not.

    I use a heavier leader that has some flex (cant remember brand)also just fyi.

    I was thinking I want to grab a setup that has a lot heavier line on it, everyone at the coast is all about fishing light, I've been doing that with moderate to low success, when I got back inland where I come from and to dam fishing, we use the biggest mono ever compared to coastal fishing.

    Does anyone fish heaver in the rivers and broad water (probably mainly bait fishing) then what is used for luring and plastics ?

    cheers all.

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    Re: What setup do you use

    Yep. always have a 5-10kg spin rod with a 5000 size reel and 30lb braid/40lb leader on hand for Jacks etc - and you still get smoked from time to time.
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    Re: What setup do you use

    I currently have 4.5kg Fire line with Kato 5kg leader, I also try 6.5kg mono.

    Maybe I need to try a bigger line maybe 8kg and leader like 10 or more

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    Re: What setup do you use

    Perhaps go to a "proper" tackle store and see what they recommend, but I can't imaging too many fish in a river that can't be caught with your current setup, perhaps use mono that is much more forgiving, and check your knots and drag setting!

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    Re: What setup do you use

    I use to fish heavy here in Sydney, 20-30lb main line braid than i just went really light i picked up a 1-2 kilo rod, 6lb and 8lb mono main line the best stuff is SureCatch in green colour, 20lb PENN leader, i even live bait Yakka's on 6-8lb main line and 20lb leader on 1-2kilo rod which most people think is insane but i land a good 80% of the fish

    i by far out fish my mates on the boat in the rivers

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