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Thread: Trolling advice

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    Trolling advice

    Hi guys im going trolling on tuesday in the pine river but ive never been trolling before and not to sure on the correct way to rig up or the correct lures to use

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    Re: Trolling advice

    What sort of fish are you expecting? Makes a big difference on how you go about it, in rivers, I prefer to stop and cast, rather than just troll.

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    Re: Trolling advice

    Mostly flathead and brim i need to give my outboard a real long run up and down the river so i figured try doing some trolling

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    Re: Trolling advice

    Not too sure why you would want to give your motor a long run at trolling speed, but that's irrelevant, Flathead you will want a smallish lure that will dive deep enough, and slow enough to be able to hit the bottom most of the time, Bream will be a much better option by casting to snags and the like with small blades or tiny plastics (in my opinion) Flathead need to be fished for according to the tide, run out tide, they will be sitting on the drop off to sand flats and small connecting creeks, high tide, they can be way up on the flats in shallow water.

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    Re: Trolling advice

    Some great videos on Youtube on trolling for flatties, u would like the bib of the lure to touch the sandy bottom and dig up a little sand it mimics a bait fish like whiting going thru the sandy bottom looking for food

    since there are not many places for a flat head to snap u off on with a sandy bottom i would have a loose enough drag if u snag drift wood or weed u dont loose the lure but tight enough u set the hook

    i would also troll with a slow tide as no fish likes a bait fish coming from behind, the flatties will naturally be facing into the current

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    Re: Trolling advice

    further more i caught this beauty earlier in the year, she measured 92cm and was released

    caught on live poddy mullet drifting so don't dedicate your whole fishing trip to one style
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    Re: Trolling advice

    Thanks for that gazza and noelm

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