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    Why so many sharks in the river?

    I've been living in Noosa for the past 4 years now or near enough and apart from one of two glimpses and the occasional suspiciously monsterd bait i've never actually found a bull shark in the river (plenty just outside and along the north sire) although i've no doubt they are always some where about, however Yesterdays fishing trip was full of the buggers.
    We pulled 3 small ones and a reasonable sized bull to the boat fishing a combination of live and dead baits floating along the edge of the channel and mangroves and while i was walking the sand flats flicking soft plastics i had a rude shock to find a small (but not small enough) bull shark skimming over about 40cm of water right towards me, needless to say i buggered off back to the boat rather quickly.

    Now what i want to know is why i managed to run into so many of the damn things in one afternoon when before they've only been a distant shadow at the back of my mind? would it be related to the recent rains, heat, or perhaps they are chasing bait source thats moving in?
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