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    Talking Micro Jigging/Soft Plastics Combo

    Hey there,

    I'm looking to get a combo to do some micro jigging/plastics for Kingies/Snapper down at Portland out of a Yak.

    I'm thinking;

    6-12kg Graphite Rod matched with a Biomaster 5000.

    Thats another one for the Punisher!

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    Re: Micro Jigging/Soft Plastics Combo

    Lightness and strength in the rod and reliability in the reel is important.
    I use a 5000 Twinpower offshore in 60 metre water and it's fantastic.
    My rod is a Live fibre Blade and Tails XOS. Very light , loaded up with Power pro super slick 30 lb

    I am using 60 - 100gm jigs

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    Re: Micro Jigging/Soft Plastics Combo

    Thanks for the reply. Max depth down here would be 10-12 metres of water . So jigs would be 15-30g.
    Thats another one for the Punisher!

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