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Thread: G'day everyone!

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    G'day everyone!

    Hey guys and girls!

    My name is Mark and I reckon I'm the donut master! hahaha. I catch a few here and there I guess.

    Love all things fishing and just anything to do with water in general.

    If I'm in a beautiful place casting lures I'm happy! Extra happy if they're surface lures. (I can't get enough)

    Looking forward to learning from the community and hopefully I can add something too. I may have a slightly interesting perspective on some things as I've lived in Japan for a while too.

    Anyway cheers everyone! I'm off to post a question in the tackle section.


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    Re: G'day everyone!

    G'day Mark.

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    Re: G'day everyone!

    Where are you based Mark??T


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    Re: G'day everyone!

    Hello, cheers for the welcome! I'm based in Japan atm haha. But I'll be hoping to get into the pumicestone passage area when I'm back soon. I'd love to make some fishing buddies in the area. I'm itching to get some top water bass action happening when I'm back. I'll be kayaking/land based/tinny fishing

    Cheers everyone 👍

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    Re: G'day everyone!

    And the first top water Whiting I catch may kill me from excitement haha.

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