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    Sinker line holes

    Hi all, I'm about to have another sinker cook in prep for holidays. Can you guys tell me what you think is the best option for running down the centre of the mould for the line hole. Only doing 10 balls this time around, tried all the usual suspects from copper wire, brass, even alloy welding rods with varying degrees of success, and before you ask greased them with all sorts of things including cooking sprays, veg oil, etc, etc. Maybe someone has it down pat.and can share.


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    Re: Sinker line holes

    A pushbike spoke is best.
    Give them a polish with really fine emery paper first and after each pour, wipe the hot wire over a cake of standard bath soap.
    You can get a bit of dowel or timber to make a handle for the wire to make it much easier to use.

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    Re: Sinker line holes

    Yep, my dad used the same when he made them.

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    Re: Sinker line holes

    Stainless wire greased with Vaseline for me

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    Re: Sinker line holes

    Same as Aussie,spoke and soap.

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    Re: Sinker line holes

    Brazing rods usually the fight diameter, good old sunlight soap and as they are hot just poke through the soap bar.

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    Re: Sinker line holes

    Old wire coat hangers. No probs. Didn't think of lube though, went in dry.

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    Re: Sinker line holes

    stainless has always worked well enough, fencing wire not so much.

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    Re: Sinker line holes

    ordinary kitchen skewer or the old bike spoke, use a scented candle to coat your molds with black smoke and same for the skewer ( just hold over the flame and the black will appear on the mold ) sinkers will release for ages on one treatment, using skewers you can select the hole size you want to suit your line and the ring on the end of the skewer makes an easy pull point.

    hmm scented candles , holes size and pull point , yep that covers it.


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