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    Question Flathead & Whiting on Sunshine Coast

    Gday Guys.

    Have a work Xmas BBQ coming up this weekend and was hoping to sneak out Saturday morning and stock up on some good barbie fish, mainly targeting Flatties and Whiting.

    I have only just got back into the boating game, and thus far enjoying experimenting in a few diff spots, has been very hit and miss! I was hoping some of you guys may be able to lend a hand with pointing me in the right direction so I can get a decent catch this weekend, and keep the BBQ loaded.

    Was thinking either the Maroochy or Noosa river...

    Any advise muchly appreciated.


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    Re: Flathead & Whiting on Sunshine Coast


    Definitely hit up the shallower grounds around mouth of Petrie Creek at low tide. Use plastics, and you should definitely find some flat ones.


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    Re: Flathead & Whiting on Sunshine Coast

    Cheers Cuzza. Will have a flick up around Petrie.

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