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    Exclamation Commercial fishers fined

    This is the guts of it.

    FOUR commercial fishermen have been fined a total of $18,000 for operating dories in a non-fishing area of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, while not attached to a mother ship.
    Robert David, 44, Joel McGowan, 32, Clinton Pirritt, 39, and Adrian Watkins, 46, each pleaded guilty in Gladstone Magistrates Court to the offence, which occurred on December 19 last year.

    Commonwealth prosecutor Sophie Harburg said a coast watch aircraft had spotted the four dories in the Marine National Park Zone.

    She said the dories were initially close to one another, but "scattered" when the aircraft approached.

    Ms Harburg said the dories, which must be in-tow or attached to a mother ship when in a non-fishing zone, were determined by the aircraft's GPS to be 4.29km within the barrier of the zone.
    The four men declined to be interviewed at the time, but the mother ship's master, Heath Munn, who was also charged, but did not appear in court today, did speak to investigators.

    Ms Harburg said legislation was in place to protect the reef from "excessive human interference", and as professional fishermen experienced in the industry, the onus was on the men to know whether they were in a non-fishing zone.

    Interesting to note that the Gladstone Observer newspaper will publish names of crim's, but Fisheries Queensland will not

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    Re: Commercial fishers fined

    Here's an idea to fix this happening again in the future. Get rid of the non-fishing zones and the problem is solved.
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    Re: Commercial fishers fined

    Stupid bloody rule needs to be gone the size of some of these green zones is a joke they expect commercials to tow there dories through the zones which is very time consuming up until recently they expected a primary to tow there dories through green zones, that included if the primary was 3 meter tinnie and the dory was 7 meters,I'm not a rocket scientist but that's a little impossible and dangerous now there solution is not allowing dories to be larger than the primary boat.
    Bloody quicker going around the green zone, don't see Rec's getting the same courtousy when fishing with mates in other boats

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    Re: Commercial fishers fined

    Lets get rid of all fisheries managment laws Lovey. Would solve a whole host of issues such as employing fisheries officers, having to prosecute those that want to over exploit it for their own greed etc etc.

    While we are at it we also have issues of recruiting and retaining police, courts and prisons are overcrowded. Lets just get rid of all of those laws and voila- problem solved.

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