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    First Time at 1770

    Hi all,

    Im heading to 1770 between Xmas and New Years for a week, I will be taking my 6.5m SeaHunt CC so hope to get out on the water as much as possible.

    So far from what I have read not really a great time of the year to be there due to influx of tourists and also generally windy conditions.

    I'm looking for advice on all aspects of a first timers trip to the area such areas to take the family out on the boat for a day trip, recommended areas to fish both inshore and offshore. Is there really a lack of parking at the boat ramp unless your their real early?

    Cheers in advance


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    Re: First Time at 1770

    That time of year yes boat ramp parking can get to be an issue. You will get a park somewhere up the road, just may be a hike to get there and back.

    Bustard Head inner, middle and outer rock are starting places. Head out further to Musgrave etc. All these are marked on various internet sources.

    Good luck and enjoy, top spot. I will be up there from 10th 18th Dec before the madness begins

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    Re: First Time at 1770

    Is theft much of an issue in the area?........namely trailer theft?

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    Re: First Time at 1770

    Yes there have been reports of tampering (I.e. vandelism) and theft at that ramp but then plenty of people will say they have parked there with no problems. .

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    Re: First Time at 1770

    Take a good set of runners mate. I swear Moejoes waits till the ramps full & then makes me run over a km back

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    Re: First Time at 1770

    gee might have to get the kids a hover board for xmas

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    Re: First Time at 1770

    watch out for the entrance to and from 1770 -she's pretty silted up and I cant cross it myself 1.5 hours either side of low tide... I draft about 500-600 mm... other than that enjoy... if you see a glacier bay cat come say gdday - i'll be up there if the weather turns good fishing ne of fitztroy...

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    Re: First Time at 1770

    Hmm ok I'm about 300-400mm. Yeah Im really looking forward to it.......hope to get out off the coast as well. If I see ya ill holler out. Ill be on a Sea Hunt CC........ Tight Lines

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