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    Dredge - Brissy River


    Did a quick land based session near the Pinkenba boat ramp the other night. What looked to be a huge dredge soon positioned itself out in the channel, and proceeded to work the channel back and forth.

    Does anyone know how often they dredge that section? Seemed to make no difference to the fishing, as it was shite either way.


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    Re: Dredge - Brissy River

    Port of Brisbane are pumping sand on to a few hundred acres of land along the western side of the BP refinery access road. They cleared it all a few months back, put a big berm around it, and are now filling it up! Dredging normally occurs when things silt up, not on a specific time schedule. Although there has been a need for a lot of dredging since the big floods 4 or 5 years ago.

    However I suspect the timing of the dredging this time might have more to do with the desire to have sand to pump where they want to fill......

    Not seen any greenies chained to the fence, high potential for what they are pumping to be acid sulphate, particularly as it is going on land (acid sulphate really kicks off when marine sediments dry out), local wildlife must not be cute or fury enough.....

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