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    First Rod for kids

    Two boys have only had the generic cheap coloured rod and reel combos, over the last couple of years I've updated their reels but not the rods.....what would be a good rod for two boys (9 and 10), 2-4kg, something sensitive enough to make a squire feel like a mac but not something like a trion.....needs to be a little more durable....thoughts??

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    Re: First Rod for kids

    My kids started with a little Shakespeare 'Ugly Stick' each. Great little rods to fish with, they have taken a beating over the years and still going strong.

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    Re: First Rod for kids

    Plenty of reasonable quality rods available these days at very good prices, just do the rounds of tackle stores and see what they have on offer, Ugly Sticks have stood the test of time, no doubt about that, I have a couple from back in the early 80's that are still in active service, never been rebound or repaired ever.

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    Re: First Rod for kids

    Yeah I'd also recommend the ugly sticks, but because they are a composite rod, you could go to a 3-6kg and it will still feel lighter than a 2-4 graphite rod.
    My 2-4kg 7 foot ugly sticks feel like whiting rods.

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