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    Xmas Camping & Fishing


    Looking to get away for 3-4 nights around xmas with the Mrs.....and do some fishing whilst im there

    Ideally im looking for the following:
    1) Beachside, or walking distance to beach/rocks for fishing (a must!)
    2) Within 4-5hrs drive from Brisbane CBD, north or south (a must!)
    3) A spot with as few kids as possible, or enough space not to be pitched right next to them (Preference)
    4) Somewhere that won't be completely packed in like sardines.....I visited Inskip last year and it was insane! (a must!)
    5) Somewhere we can have a fire (Preference)

    It would also be AMAZING if we could take the dog with us too...but I know this is quite difficult to do and we can leave the dog at our parents so not essential.

    Any ideas will be most welcome!

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    Re: Xmas Camping & Fishing

    Hi Fishofan, Have a look at Wooyung just south of Pottsville. You might be lucky and get a spot, it ticks all those boxes except for number 3 and maybe 4 a little. Shouldn't be any worse than anywhere else at that time of year.
    Good luck.

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    Re: Xmas Camping & Fishing

    Inskip point Rainbow Beach

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    Re: Xmas Camping & Fishing

    christmas time, ooh, I reckon your own backyard is the only way your going to go close to meeting 2 ,3 4, and 5!

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    Re: Xmas Camping & Fishing

    I've booked onto Wooyung so we'll see how I go, thanks chappie it looks awesome!

    Yes feral, I'm going to have to concede on most of the above haha

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