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    Went off the Goldie for a look

    Dusted off the trolling gear on Sunday and headed off the Gold Coast. Got some good mahi mahi this time last year. Water was cold in close (22.7) and got colder as I passed the 24s (22.2) but then the temp started rising and hit 24 at the 36s where I dropped the lures in. Trolled around the 36s for a bit and went over deep trag and then headed out to the 50s where the temp hit 25 and went past spot x. There was some good bait balls on the 50s but down deep and didn't look like anything was working the bait and I didn't mark any fish. There was some better bait up higher out past 90 m in bits and pieces up higher and a few dolphins around but I didn't stay out there for long as I blew a tyre on the trailer heading down and damaged the spare as well - so I wanted to head back by lunchtime in case I blew the spare and needed a tow. Didn't get any hits and only saw one other boat trolling, but the conditions were good and it was bloody nice to be out there. Give it a couple more weeks I reckon.

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    Re: Went off the Goldie for a look

    Jeremy, thanks for the (detailed as usual) report ... valuable info.
    Will send you PM .... MalM
    Haines Hunter 650 'Horizon' 200 4st Johnson (aka Suk DF200) call sign "Dozer" or "Uripper"

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