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    Is this fish legal?

    Just after some opinions on whether you would call this fish a 34 or a 37cm?

    35cm is the minimum legal limit i believe.

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    Re: Is this fish legal?

    Why would you call it 34cm.
    Maximum overall length is the legal size limit and not fork length
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    Re: Is this fish legal?

    Bit hard to tell from the angle, but certainly legal if 35 is the size limit, if the nose was right on the line, it would go maybe 38?

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    Re: Is this fish legal?

    Hard to tell from the pic- somewhere in between - the correct method for measurement is on DAF's website

    You need to make sure the fishes tail (if it is concave) is not pinched down - that is not how Fisheries will measure it if you are spot checked. Fish also shrink with time. A mate got pinged and fined (second offense - first was a size change he had not kept up with) with a snapper that had shrunk, we now make it a habit to throw anything right on legal length back. Usually work on at least a centimetre of leeway.
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    Re: Is this fish legal?

    37 it's legal.
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    Re: Is this fish legal?

    Thanks, the confusion for me was if you needed to touch both points of the fin with the imaginary dotted line or if you just run it parallel down with the ruler when one tip is longer than the other.

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    Re: Is this fish legal?

    Legal mate

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