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    peel island first time . 4.4mtr tracker

    Hi all , I was thinking if a 4.4 mtr tracker tinny would get to Peel Island. I have a 40 4 stroke on it. Is it a very protected trip to peel from cleveland or can it get quite choppy in a tiinny . Its a 4.4 mtr makocraft aluminum track tinny. I was thinking this weekend with the kids but not sure how the conditions would be in the type of breeze predicted. We always get to the ramp quite early about 45min before sunrise. Any advise would be great. How far is it also.

    Thanks Shane

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    Re: peel island first time . 4.4mtr tracker

    It's only a 5-10 minute run and your boat is well and truly big enough. On a good day I have done a circumnavigation in a 10' tinny with a 6hp. On a bad day I have had green water coming over the top of Cruisecraft 625. If the wind is below 10 knots it's a doddle. If it starts to get really windy though with wind against tide, the seas can stand up up the top end especially. Just don't panic and take your time if this happens and you will be fine. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the relevant green zones if you are intending to have a fish.
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    Re: peel island first time . 4.4mtr tracker

    Thanks so much for your advise. I like to research areas before I make a maiden voyage . The more info the better.

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    Re: peel island first time . 4.4mtr tracker

    Also don't cut the corner heading to horseshoe bay, keep wide and then in, learn from my mistake! If people start waving they probably trying to tell you something and not just being friendly like I thought.

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    Re: peel island first time . 4.4mtr tracker

    It's only a short run but strong northerly wind against outgoing tide there can horrendous.. As Scottar said pick your days and no dramas at all. Tomorrow morning looks good, 1.20pm high and less than 10 knots till lunchtime.
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    Re: peel island first time . 4.4mtr tracker

    Hey Shane this sounds very achievable in your boat, a couple of things that will make a difference is the fact you have a 4s. I used to have a Jonno 2s on the back of a 4.3mtr glass Mustang and it was a pig to manage my speed in choppy conditions. The motor wasn't happy less than 3500 rpm and I think the hull dropped off the plane early. Hopefully you can keep the speed down and still be on the plane at lower speeds. I don't think you will have issues with safety.

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