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    Fraser Island Help

    Hey Guys

    I was looking at getting the barge across to Fraser from Inskip on Saturday morning around the top of the tide or just before. I was going to run up the beach and stay at Dundaburra. Is this possible on the high tide? I have only ever gone on a low tide. Is there an inland option straight off the barge and if so what sort of time would it take?
    thanks in advance!
    cheers Ryan

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    Re: Fraser Island Help

    No. you won't cross Eli (responsibly and safely) until a couple of hours past high at the moment if you even make it that far up the beach. Have a pie and a beer at the pub or go fishing until the tide drops a bit.
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    Re: Fraser Island Help

    How far is it up to Eli from the barge? I was kind of thinking of stopping there on the way. So there's an inland track further south of Eli?

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    Re: Fraser Island Help

    Jump on the inland track straight off the barge, its clearly signed or ask the barge guys if unsure. I think it spits you out on to the beach about 11k or so up (a few different options further also, but would not be needed). My guess is by the time you get up around Eli your probably fine, but it is always changing. If you can delay a few hours, it is just an easier trip.
    Having said that my last trip home form Dunduburra was an hour from top of tide, with high about the time I got on the barge. all ok but used the inland track to avoid Hook point which was not passable form what I was told.

    Worst case, you spend an extra hour or 2 on the way up hanging about on a stretch of beach somewhere.... Could be worse.

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    Re: Fraser Island Help

    Try to avoid high tide runs at the moment. The beach has been horrible lately because of the small tides. Its a little better now but Hook Point is still not too nice at high tide. The inland track is ok, but if you can just wait it out you will have a much better run up to Dundaburra.

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    Re: Fraser Island Help

    IMO and experience, I plan my trips around the tides... low tides. I like to hit Hook Point ( from Inskip ) no earlier than 2hrs before low.

    This gives me all good beach driving and access around the rocks and get to Eli, Indian Head etc at or very near low tide. That's just the way I roll

    It is about 2 weeks before I head up there. Hitting the barge at 2pm for a 4pm low tide

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    Re: Fraser Island Help

    Quote Originally Posted by Lucky_Phill View Post
    IMO and experience, I plan my trips around the tides... low tides.

    It is definitely easier and quicker if you can do this...

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    Re: Fraser Island Help

    RC, nearly 60km from where the inland track comes out north of hook up to Dundubara with yidney etc etc in between, thats a bloody long slog up the soft stuff!! Even a couple of hours of tide out will make a massive difference. Looks like GM is a local so go with his advice.


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    Re: Fraser Island Help

    Has anyone got any updates on the condition of Fraser island?

    We will be heading to Waddy from inskip on the 29th.

    Also, whats the fishing being like??? and is anyone looking for a deckie.....


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    Re: Fraser Island Help

    Hi I came home Monday morning from orchid beach , beach was great ,worst spot was hook point not a great deal of beach there 1 hour after low ,but other than that tracks were good as it pelted down rain all night , got out fishing twice , northerly so the bay and launching gutter was pretty ordinary and massive tides made it a bit harder launching. The fishing wasn't to bad got the usual parrot , and reefies Sharks were bad on the south Gardeners though , went out the 120 meter line Sunday and did alright on pear lies and squire .Weather was like a sheet of glass out there , but come in 5 kms all the way back to the gutter was rough as anything , so the other few boats out had pulled the pin .Heading back on the 28 th for a couple weeks so hoping to get out again with southeasterlies instead .with the million other people up there .

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