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    Hervey Bay - where to fish

    I'm taking the family to Hervey Bay this Thursday to float around on the big boat for 4-5 days.
    We'll spend a bit of time chasing little blacks on the inside about around Rooneys plus do the Choona Chasing thing for a bit of fun.
    Just wondering if anyone was interested in helping out with other fishing locations on the inside of the bay. I've never spent any real time in Hervey Bay but have seen plenty of posts with guys catching snapper on the inside so I'm thinking there must be coffee rock and structure somewhere.
    Anyone feel inclined enough so I can put the young fella on to a soft plastic snapper.

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    Re: Hervey Bay - where to fish

    Mate, forget fishing Sunday and check out the off shore race boats they are having a race round this Sunday at the bay. Not sure what that means for boat traffic in and out the marina that day but it'll be pretty cool to watch from the boat on the water I rekon👍

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    Re: Hervey Bay - where to fish

    Thanks for that - certainly will be a family trip I think. We will cruise back and have a look.
    It does seem that no one wants to give up any info on Hervey Bay.

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    Re: Hervey Bay - where to fish

    how did you go mate did you get onto a few.

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