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    Contact mobile marine covers

    Not sure if this is the right area to ask this,but i am trying to contact the above business to have a cover made for my boat.He did one for my friend,and it was a terrific job.I have a mobile number 0434615936 which is getting no answer.Anybody know where i can find him???

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    Re: Contact mobile marine covers

    Mate you might like to consider your options I had a white poly one made and it cost me $600 about 10 years ago it lasted 2 years then fell to bits. I use a silver tarp now and octopuss strap it down. It is almost a tenth of the cost and my last one was good for 3-4 years
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    Re: Contact mobile marine covers

    Thanks for that,and yes i have given up on Mobile marine covers and bought a white poly tarp measuring 8 metres by 7 metres guaranteed for 3 years for 250.00 delivered from sydney.I think thats a pretty good deal>>>> we'll see how long it lasts??

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