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nice boat

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    Peter Faust Barra trip 2-8 Nov 16

    Have always wanted to catch a Barra!

    So we organised a trip last week, to be lead by Jeff (Short Fuse) in his boat with his brother Ray, and myself and my cousin Wayne in my tinny. First solid hitout for the boat too.

    We did the drive from Cleveland to Proserpine over 2 days, staying at Rocky. Our accom at Proserpine was at the "Gunna Go" caravan part where we had cabins booked. This was mainly due to being badly let down by the staff at Camp Kanga who told us there was plenty of rooms free and then suddenly there were none. Not happy.

    Anyway, we fished The Dam On Friday and Saturday with two sessions - each morning from 6am thru till 11am, then 3pm till dark. On Sunday we only fished the morning session 6-10:15am. All up, we trolled, according to the trip meter, around 65kms over the 3days.

    Fishing was very quiet. We trolled with lures Jeff had proven to have worked well on previous trips.

    The total for the trip was 7 fish, 5 for Jeff and Ray, and two for Wayne and me - one each. Jeff said it was the worst fishing he has ever seen there. And we were not the only ones doing it tough! Others had much the same, and even worse, results. So it must have been the baro pressure, or maybe the water conditions -water was kind of murky, maybe an algae bloom?

    The good news is the two fish Wayne and I got were both good ones. Mine was just over 1.1m and Wayne just on the meter. Mine fought like a wet log, Wayne's put up a good fight, jumped multiple times, went round the boat a couple times and came to the boat about 4 times before it was ready to be netted.

    Both fish were photographed quickly, lures removed and released in great condition, swam away strongly, hopefully to be caught again.

    Now, with meter Barras ticked off the bucket list, the new goal is a salt water version in the esky- already started planning a trip in February!

    Pics of the 2 fish:



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    Re: Peter Faust Barra trip 2-8 Nov 16

    Nice fish. At least you cracked one. Know a few blokes who have done the run to Awoonga a few times before they managed to get away from the donuts. Now to try surface frogging - where the real fun begins.
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    Re: Peter Faust Barra trip 2-8 Nov 16

    Awesome barra, especially for your first one! You have set the bar pretty high for any next trip now though.

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