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    Question Advice on where to start at Tin Can Bay!!

    Me and a couple of mates are heading up to Tin Can Bay for 4 days at the end of November. We're taking 2 five meter tinnies and was wondering if anyone can give us any pointers. Will be throwing a few pots in and looking to pull out a few fish to boot. Whats the baits of choice for reefies and is there much action inside fraser?
    Not looking for spot X or anything but just some general areas to start although feel free to pm me a full download from the plotter 😜 Lol.
    How is the bar, l've done south passage numerous times but never this one and weather permitting would like to get outside to some of the closer reefs. Any advice would be hugely appreciated,


    Mr H

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    Re: Advice on where to start at Tin Can Bay!!

    Hey happy
    it's hot and cold like most spots with high fishing pressure. having said that it's not like the south east. It can be quiet there. I don't know the area real well, but have spent some time there. The Wide Bay Bar, for a start, can be very nasty, so you need to have your head together. Run-in tide, more than half and hopefully with little swell and you should be right but it''s a long. long area of breaking waves in most circs.
    Head out in the Strait for pelagics, and you'll find bits of coffee rock along the inside of Fraser that might house some cod and blackall. Kauri Creek is a good spot for jack and cod. The eastern side of tin can has good flats for whiting flathead etc, and occasional deeper holes for jack. Can't help you with too much in the way of reefies outside, just watch the bar.
    Hope that helps a bit regards jim

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    Re: Advice on where to start at Tin Can Bay!!

    First place I would start is Costco & pick up a carton of Bushman spray. Sleeping on the boats or land you will need mozzie & sandfly protection because they are bad. Mozzie net is a good investment for the boat & a screened tent for land.
    If you want some really good whiting head north past the Bar towards Poona. There are lots of little sand islands with some vegetation that hold great fish. Worms are best but yabbies will do. Good crabbing in any of the mangrove channels. Sink your pots with a brick & tie them off with mono at water level around low tide. Enter them into your GPS. It is easy to get lost in the channels. You will have to recover them on the next low but they should be safe.
    There is a heap of coffee rock up along side Fraser plus sunken trees & logs. Keep your sounder running. You should be able to pull plenty of livies with a drag net around any of the little sand islands. A live bait over the coffee rock is a good plan.
    ROLL TIDE, ROLL.................


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    Re: Advice on where to start at Tin Can Bay!!

    Hi pm sent

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    Re: Advice on where to start at Tin Can Bay!!

    Thanks fellas really appreciate your input, hopefully we can nail a few (beers and fish)!!!!

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