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    Wicked fishing still going?

    I'm interested in getting some DVD's from Wicked Fishing, the ones that Greg Lamprecht does but haven't received a reply from the website email. Are they still sending out DVD's does anyone know? Don't wnat to send coin over for something that's not going still.
    thanks for any info regards jim

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    Re: Wicked fishing still going?

    Hi Jim,

    Recently purchased a set of dvds, arrived quickly.
    Excellent dvds, well worth it.

    As part of purchasing, you can check out with paying through paypal and your funds are protected.


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    Re: Wicked fishing still going?


    yes wicked fishing is still going, Facebook is where you will find Greg.


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    Re: Wicked fishing still going?

    He's away fishing the Hervey bay comp this weekend, try next week
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    Re: Wicked fishing still going?

    Thanks fellas for the info. I need some edumacation on sounder reading so sounds like Greg might help me. Honda, thanks for the headsup, but I'm not on the facebooks.

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