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    Lowrance Elite7 TI waypoint Accuracy to 20m?? Wrong or right, simple setting change??

    Hi all

    I purchased and installed a lowrance Elite7 TI combo a few months ago and am struggling to find that little bump or rise that I have saved as a waypoint. I zoom in as I approach a waypoint previously saved and as I approach it the unit tells me I have arrived on the location with an accuracy of 20m?? Surely I should be able to get better GPS accuracy than 20m. My little handheld Garmin has accuracy to 1m?? I am only assuming I need to read the idiot book and change a simple setting. Other than that can not complain about the unit for $$ value.


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    Re: Lowrance Elite7 TI waypoint Accuracy to 20m?? Wrong or right, simple setting chan

    Is it possible you are confusing the arrival alarm with accuracy?

    They are not the same thing.

    You will be on the mark, or as close to it as satellite accuracy is on that day, when the boat symbol is on top of the mark on the map screen, not when the arrival alarm goes off. Obviously you need to be zoomed right in.

    Likely there is a setting that you may be able to adjust for arrival. But bear in mind that a certain margin is normal for arrival alarms because you may be travelling at speed and some amount of warning before you are on top of the spot is sensible. I don't think I've ever changed the default setting for the arrival alarm.

    Hope this helps.
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    Re: Lowrance Elite7 TI waypoint Accuracy to 20m?? Wrong or right, simple setting chan

    1. Tailorfisho78, I am assuming based on your comments you are trying to re-locate locations that you have previously saved as waypoints using this particular unit and not waypoints acquired from third parties or even yourself using previous units? Could you confirm if this assumption is correct and if not then please outline the exact origin of the waypoints being used.

    2. This being an Elite7 Ti then I am also assuming you are using the default internal GPS antenna and not an external network GPS receiver, Yes?

    3. What are you basing your 20 metre accuracy claim on? Is this the units own displayed/estimated positioning accuracy?

    4. Based on the assumed response to points 1) & 2) & 3) then your scenario is certainly possible due to the inability of the internal GPS antenna to adequately provide maximum results. This being totally dependent and variable on exactly how and where the head unit is mounted.

    5. And just for the record your claim of "My little handheld Garmin has accuracy to 1m??" is simply not possible, not now or ever but handhelds will be able to do better than 1 metre in the near future but you will need to upgrade your handheld when that time comes.

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