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    Micro jiggin set up advice!

    Hey guys
    After some advice on a good set up for micro jigging. Will be fishing the reefs up at 1770 so want something that can handle a decent fish as well.


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    Re: Micro jiggin set up advice!

    I use a saltist OH combo, the 20 and the 30 are both well priced reels that can handle some big fish, lever drag is easy to work with and they have a fast retrieval rate to really get the jigs moving when you want to. Then all you need to do is decide witch of the rods you need, the saltist boat rods come in just about every size and rating and work bloody well. I ended up choosing the st 60 and could have got away with a lighter rod but so far its done all thats been asked and for a not to damaging price.

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    Re: Micro jiggin set up advice!

    I use a Japanese rod called a Giant Killer its a pe4 blank so it will handle just about anything about $400. I have a Shimano ocean jigger reel i fish 30lb braid and 30 lb fluro carbon.
    The rod and reel i got from Jones's at Chermside. I buy most of my jigs on line from Fish Head. At the Barwons last week 1st 6 drops i caught fish where the two other guys didnt get a touch... Go the Micro Jigs
    "Freyja" 2400 Noosa Cat / Viking Heritage

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