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    Looking for new combo

    Hi everyone, I am looking to buy a gps/sounder combo for around $500/800.The sounder/gps will be used on my side console 4.5 tinny. The unit will mainly be used in inland dams and coastal rivers/estuary. I would like a unit that was extremely easy to use as I am not in the least bit " tech savvy" . I would like a colour screen of about 5" or more. I have had garmin and lowrance sounders before and I liked them. The units you buy these days often do not have a manual with them and you have to look up any operating instructions on a computer, with my limited tech skills I find this frustrating. I would appreciate any advice on the best places to purchase the gps/sounder if possible. Thanks guys in anticipation of your advice.

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    Re: Looking for new combo

    theres a few out there to chose from these days thats for sure
    best sonar quality per dollar is the garmin striker range , the 7SV in perticular , with its gt52 transducer up to that 50/60mt mark is exceptional. ....and idiot proof.
    where the striker lacks is in MAPPING. whilst it does have gps functionality. "where you have been, waypoints, speed etc" it wont show mapping. this is fine if your fishing inland and those inland inpoundments dont have mapping anyway. otherwise id be looking at other models.

    the 7sv is $750
    if you go down the 5" model you drop "sidevu and high frequency chirp" for the 5dv model. but you also save a pretty penny

    striker 7 sv

    striker 5dv

    both systems will leave you some coin in your pocket.


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    Re: Looking for new combo

    Excellent videos, thanks for that Moose. Now all I have to do is decide which one suits me best. I like the idea of the manual saves running to the computer. Both units look easy to use. I'll have a look at your website and will be in touch. At the moment I'm just going through that horrible time waiting for the boat I've ordered to be finished.

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    Re: Looking for new combo

    Pretty happy with the Raymarine Dragonfly 5 Pro that I put on the same sort of boat. Got mine a bit cheaper from Whitworths than what they are currently advertising which is $599

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    Re: Looking for new combo

    dragonfly is very cheap, just get the 4 for price wise (200-300), 5+ is just a bigger screen and the best in my exp at finding fishes
    lowrance ti 5 go for about 500-800 if you want side view too

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    Re: Looking for new combo

    I have a dragonfly with Nav gold just upgraded to lowrance HDS. I would let it go for a fair price , say $400. PM me of you interested and I'll send you some pics. Had it on a boat that I sold only for about 6 outings over one summer.

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    Re: Looking for new combo

    I got a Garmin Striker 7SV recently for my river tinnie. Very impressive side-vu sounder and surprisingly easy to setup and use.

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