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Thread: Moreton Camping

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    Moreton Camping

    Am looking to camp these holidays at Moreton......I'm also hell bent on trying to catch a jewie so am thinking of camping up at the north point.

    Will be in a CT and looking for a no amenities setup.......any suggestions on a campsite that can fish for jew at night time???

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    Re: Moreton Camping

    maybe the jew thing is putting people off

    am looking at the north east camping zone, anyone stayed there? more private north or south of lagoon view rd???

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    Re: Moreton Camping

    Have never camped up that way we usually camp around the western side north of cowan with the boat an fish curtain on the tides.

    I haven't heard of anyone targeting jew over there but you mite have a chance in the gutters on the eastern beaches there should also be a few mackeral getting around out there.

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