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Thread: Fg knots

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    Re: Fg knots

    If your knot is unraveling rather than breaking under pressure, there is a good chance you are simply not getting the braid to bite enough into the leader. Because the thing works like a Chinese finger trap, if you don't tension it enough to get the very first wrap of braid that was applied to bight, as soon as it goes outwards through the guides on the first cast is it in the process of coming unraveled. I use a slight variation of the method in the video Moonlighter posted in that I hold the forming knot between thumb and forefinger and pull each wrap back towards me as it is done appyling enough tension to pull it down tight (rather then trying to get the thing to form neatly from a series of loose wraps). Once the wraps are done (12-15 in both directions) I apply one half hitch around the braid and leader and one around only the braid and then lubricate and tension the knot pulling as hard as I dare in light line or as hard as I can with a towel wrapped around my hand to prevent braid cuts (Anybody see Al Mc Glashen's Facebook page - ouch) in the heavier classes. Half hitches and a whip finish - all done.
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    Re: Fg knots

    End your knot with a pull through and they never move.
    9 wraps inside a large loop around braid main line then pull back up towards FG.
    See pic.

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    Re: Fg knots

    Been some good stuff posted here so thanks to all.
    Time to sit down and try some thing out.

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    Re: Fg knots

    As mentioned above the absolute key is to tension the knot with maximum force after doing the wraps and a locking half hitch. I use a Valley Hill Dual Mini Stick from Japan for tightening, which is perfect for the job, and pull until the braid changes colour (it goes very hard). A Rizzuto finish is very neat to complete things, as shown in the Daichii Knot Assist 2.0 tool (which is excellent for FG knots).

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    Re: Fg knots

    That's pretty much how I do it too.
    I do 1 half hitch to lock the coils, pull the bejesus out of it, do a couple more half hitches, pull the crap out of it again, trim, 2 more half hitches, then 4 winds around the mainline back towards the knot to lock it off.
    If your worried about the coming loose, put a dob of Selleys paint on Quick Fix.
    Generally, when starting the FG knot, I do 6 wraps each way, then snig that up, then another 6 each way, snig, another 6 and sni, and finally another 6 and snig.
    That's a total of 24 wraps each side.
    I find that any more than 6 each side makes it too hard to snig the coils evenly.

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