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    Summerset holiday park

    Hi all i went for a drive to the dam to have a look its been awhile and discovered that kirkleagh camping area is now a holiday park and you can even buy cabins starting from $165,000 when did this get into public hands, was this done under the Newman era, can anyone shed any light on this subject??????.

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    Re: Summerset holiday park

    I'm not certain but I think it might have been just before Newman. I think you'll find your not buying the land under those houses at Kirkliegh. IMO It's a lease set up that only lasts as long as the Holiday Park's lease, maybe 25 years or something like that. I'd expect they'd also hit you up for ongoing bodycorp fees too. Not a great investment if you ask me, but I've sort of gone off the place as it became more developed. The park does suit people who like their comforts though.
    Dale ( Aussiebasser) is a local and normally across all the Sommerset info, he might be able to provide more accurate info.

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    Re: Summerset holiday park

    Thanks for the info Mike, when i went to the site for a look at the cabins for hire i saw the cabins to buy i thought it was a bit odd that they could do such a thing.

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