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    Livies In the Bay

    So last few trips with plastics have produced nothing.....just can't seem to be consistent......god I've tried!!!!

    Took the wife and kids out few weekends ago in tinny creek, throwing plastics for a while, then decided to throw the net for shits and giggles and landed a truckload of poddies and gar, setup and smashed bream, cod and trevlally until the lives were (and wife) loved it....

    Tried again last weekend with the plan to raise some bait in the creek and then travel out to the bay, no bait in the creek after 2 hrs of trying........decided to raise some bait in the bay but only know of the houseboat at peel..........would love a mark if anyone has one to share.....think its time to ditch plastics and return to old school

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    Re: Livies In the Bay

    if your talking about the lota creek steam, swing around to the tingalpa creek where the kayak hire go out, you'll find mullets and gar in that area, just watch out for that pebbles bank in the center
    otherwise ramp out at port of brisbane or wynnum ramp, you'll find pod mullet, white bait and whiting around, otherwise just down from queens esplanade pending on tide u find mullet, small bream, whiting, whitebait too hope that helps...

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    Re: Livies In the Bay

    and if all hope is lost,you need to bait the bait, no matter where you are... and long your near bait zone i guess... use bread to bring them in and cast net... you find alot of guys doing this trick at lytton ramp for big green prawn, tho they use chicken bones

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    Re: Livies In the Bay

    In the bay just try around the main beacons in the shipping channels. The 4 Beacons, Measured Mile etc. Just plod around them see if the sounder shows bait balls.

    You can throw your net at the ramp at Raby Bay ramps. The basin out the front of the ramps usually has some poddies and herring around, try it, you should do OK there. 2 nice pontoons to throw off now too,

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