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Thread: ezy cast net

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    ezy cast net

    Im looking to replace my 9ft ezy cast, must've got a croc as it ripped out of my hand at the potoon in balgal beach or a shark... tackle world cairns used to sell them about 3years ago.. now i can only find 4-5ft which is kinda pointless

    i already have 9ft drawstring net for been on boat not on land and not a fan of walking into water knowning their crocs and jellyfish

    any info on international or aussie sellers be great help

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    Re: ezy cast net

    Sounds like a good idea not to have the rope wrapped around your hand up your way!

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    Re: ezy cast net

    I watched a bloke throwing his net off the jetty at Groper Creek a couple of years ago and he was scoring around 20 or so big prawns on each cast when something big hit the net and then a bull shark hit it. Luckily he didn't have the net tied to any part of his anatomy because the last he saw of it was going at a very fast rate of knots towards the other side of the creek. Scared the hell out of him.

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    Re: ezy cast net

    cast net australia only sells 4.5ft nets which is their largest net (9' Diameter) about 1.2m in length, works great on kayak if your top bait run otherwise it pointless range net, otherwise u want 9ft that about 2.2m in length to cover the range, a cool picture and the last moment of my net lol

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    Re: ezy cast net

    I had a crab pot take off when i threw it into the norman river up north it was a weird scary feeling not knowing what was underneath grabbing it. Then another crab pot I threw in shallow water up there down slid a baby croc with its mouth open it was lying sunk into the mud and i did't know it was there u til i accidentally hit it with the crab pot

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