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    Airlie Whitsundays trip

    Hey lads,
    Will be taking the mrs and the little one up to airlie beach/dingo beach around march next year. Was wondering if anyone had any gps marks for around the area up there that i could target. Hoping to target a few reds/nannys but havent set my hopes too high. we will be up there for 10 days. Any info is appreciated and im not after your spot 'x's just some starter info.

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    Re: Airlie Whitsundays trip

    Hi Josh,
    I'm not sure what vessel or capacity you'll have but there's a fair bit of distance to cover from Airlie/Shute or Dingo to realistically expect reds or nannies without local knowledge. I've fished out of there a few times on travels and it's hard yards every time. I've caught reds about 1Nm east of Hayman, there's a drop off, you'll see it on your ecdis. No specific spot there just find the fish or bait on sounder. Strong variable currents there so tough to stay on top of fish. Double rock east of hook Is. has some spectacular pelagics at times. Ripping currents. Some deep shoals 6 or 7Nm east of hook look the goods but I haven't had a win there yet, did lose a couple of nice fish to the mongrels though. The reefs off Airlie/Dingo are as good as any where else in the GBR but your looking at a 50Nm trip one way. (Gould, Wallaby, Black and Little Black reefs) The islands off Dingo such as Rattray and Gloucester can keep you amused if you have some time to kill. Macks round the edges, the odd trout on drop offs and shoals. Double Island has big macks at times. Just got back from FNQ trip and snagged a nice trout when we trolled a bit too close to the nth end of Gloucester island with a Rapala 20 in 6m of water.
    Good luck

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