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    C14 or Pflueger Patriarch ?

    well during the barra bash i lost my c14... not the best moment but yeh...

    gettin a replacement but i saw afew using Pflueger Patriarch... was thinking about gettin one.. just curious if anyone have exp with them?

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    Re: C14 or Pflueger Patriarch ?

    oh god stay away from Pflueger Patriarch.. it much worst then sienna and cost 3x too lol personal feel anyway, just end up replacing it another stradic ci4

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    Re: C14 or Pflueger Patriarch ?

    U can not go past shimano


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    Re: C14 or Pflueger Patriarch ?

    Pflueger Patriarchs are rubbish. I owned one for 24 hours and took it back. The rods are excellent but the reels no way.

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    Re: C14 or Pflueger Patriarch ?

    I have been getting a good smooth run from the Pflueger Trion reels,Got a couple Ci4's too.Was surprised how good the Trion's are for the price

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