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    Groper Creek Info Take Two

    Not sure what happened to my last post but most of the text dropped out so here we go again

    Heading to FNQ next week for our trip number 20 on a Hinchinbrook area houseboat,we have this area pretty well wired after 20 years,for week 2 we are heading to new territory,Groper Creek as this area is new to us any tips or Groper creek insight would be appreciated.

    I have a 4.4 Sea Jay Territory 40hp ,we mostly lure fish with hardbodies but are open to some live baiting and will be setting some crab pots


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    Re: Groper Creek Info Take Two

    Watch the tides, low tide will see you stranded.
    Good crabbing area good barra creek towards the mouth but the season is closed.
    use your sounder and fish the holes and timber ..... live bait is king.

    don't piss off the locals, their a friendly bunch and will be helpful but they get a fair bit of tourist traffic and country manners and city manners are different things.

    look up Andrew Mead (fishing guide) and book a session if he is still in the game


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