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    Shed Clean Norm Edwards

    Just going thru the Shed for a northern Barra Trip.
    A few older Lures that popped up.

    Norm Edwards 25/1
    A few chips from Old Tackle Box
    Les Barlow Big Squirt.
    Les Barlow Lil-Bug
    Les Barlow Sleetie
    Les Barlows are in unused condition.

    What would be the best way of working out if they are worth Collecting or Selling.

    Went to the Lure show in Ipswich on the way south, but didn't have them with me.

    Also lots of older Nilmasters from early 80s, probably fitted with Eagle Claw 3X from NT Barra time.

    Lures Side.jpgNorm Edwards n Les Barlow.jpg
    Fish for the future, enjoy the present but think of your children.

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    Re: Shed Clean Norm Edwards

    Don't know about the others but the Norm Edwards are definitely worth keeping. I took a couple of mine to the lure show to see if they were worth keeping and was offered $400 for the both of them. One of them was in worse condition than yours. If you put a post on the Lure Lovers forum they will have an idea.
    Heres some stuff on the others

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    Re: Shed Clean Norm Edwards

    Also a few Bellbrook and one Heddon, Will put up photos later.
    Bellbrook Colour Dim Sim Type Floater on one Box, not sure if lures are correct for box.
    Bellbrook Colour Prawn Scale Type Sinker on the Other.
    Heddon River Runt Spook Sinker.
    Fish for the future, enjoy the present but think of your children.

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