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    Gold Coast - Saturday 8th October

    Very late report, but better late then never.
    Weather was average Saturday, a live reading dropped to 8 knots around 3pm which was enough for me to pack the boat and shoot out. Was greeted by a very lumpy seaway and 15 to 20 knots. Figured I was there now so had to try something. Went to the scottish prince and got a couple of yakkas and managed to have a small tailer latch onto my thumb...
    Was planning on heading out to the 36's but with the way the weather was opted to go as far as the 24's. There was a playful calf with its mother pretty much right on the spot I was heading to. Ended up sounding around till I found half a showing and threw the pick in.
    Burleyed straight away but couldn't get a bite until the sun started dropping. Got 3 tailer first up with one just over 50cm which took a live yakka. After the tailer went quiet the trag come on the chew big time. Probably got 10 before I packed up. First 5 i kept were a good size, but did get a couple bigger ones which went back. They were taking flesh baits and the livies.
    Had a livie under a balloon the whole time, when I was packing up and brought the line back in, only had a head left... bugger...
    8 fish in the esky was more than I was expecting when I first anchored so I was happy. Home by 8:30pm

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    Re: Gold Coast - Saturday 8th October

    Hi Mate
    Nice to see a Goldie report on here. There have been some really good trag around lately . Hope the snipped off livie means a few toothy types are getting around early .

    Cheers Chris

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