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    a tackle shop that....?

    either i need do more searching or there isnt any... i went to orlando during july.. visited a a tackle shop near apopka... now that a tackle shop, they had set of demo, mix n match rod n reel with different spool of line for trying before buying... so the question i ask do we have a tackle shop like that in brissy? so yeh i am looking for surf rod setup for my trip.. but i dont wanna shop blind, i dont want numbers, i want a real feel and cast, as everyone is different... but likewise... do we have any?

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    Re: a tackle shop that....?

    Some tackle stores have quite a range that you can play with, but few would have what you are describing, most people would go and find what they want, walk out and buy online, and that is the main reason no one would do it, and also why tackle stores are closing at a rapid rate.

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