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    ROUS Ch last Thursday

    Went out on this dead calm day, great run in tide, fresh worms, all ready for some whiting action - nothing! Caught five miserable little guys.

    Over thirty boats chucking lines everywhere but everybody packed it in after a couple of hours and nobody left by late morning!

    Grassies and grinners knocked off my $1.50-a-worms in no time at all!

    Picked up a floating rope around both props so a real crap day was had by all!

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    Re: ROUS Ch last Thursday

    Lucks gotta even out sooner or later. Better luck next time PP.

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    Re: ROUS Ch last Thursday

    Was it a good rope at least ?
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    Re: ROUS Ch last Thursday

    Nah, some miserable little bit of nylon floaty stuff on a milk bottle that was just floating along minding its own business until ............. ☹️

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