I was lucky enough to be invited to attend a Snapper review workshop hosted by Fisheries Queensland. ( October 2016 )

Dr Wayne Sumpton was to run this.

He invited many stakeholders and all were given the opportunity to address the members and then the nuts and bolts of fisheries ideas etc would be presented.

But in an email I received today, this workshop has been cancelled " due to lack of interest ".

The science will continue and we have been asked for feedback / input.

Pretty sad when apathy seems to be at the forefront of opportunity. Despite what many think , I applaud the work FQ scientists do and although I don;t agree with some of their outcomes or methodology, I do acknowledge their work and dedication to the job at hand.

I have made my submission to Dr Sumpton regarding my thoughts on possible additions to the Snapper fishery management regime. I have also told him of my support for an idea on Recreational catch data collection.

Thanks to Matt Campbell as well for his ongoing input and support here on AF.