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    Re: jeep or nissan patrol?

    Jeep, just expect every problem
    what a sad sad AB

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    Re: jeep or nissan patrol?

    JEEP Just Empty Every Pocket
    Not all tools are usefull

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    Re: jeep or nissan patrol?

    How much is your town weight?

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    Re: jeep or nissan patrol?

    Quote Originally Posted by airlock View Post
    Well a very delayed thanks for the input and thoughts on this one. For any who are interested i ended up going with the 5.7 jeep after testing a few of both.
    The 3L patrol was slightly slower then then my old 125cc scooter and the reputation really did put me off, the larger engines whent bloody well but my budget couldn't comfortable fit the TI model and i found the ST with its lack of abs and other driver aids and comfort features a little off putting untill a fatful test drive ( very wet roads) at which point i decided that the salesman locking it up at the lights was a good indicator this wasn't the truck for me.

    I ended up finding a clean low KlM's 5.7 grand cherokee with a little additional bling for just over the $11K after the government took its hefty slice, while i am still a little unsure about how long its going to remain trouble free i figure that unless its a big issue i should still be a little ahead, although not nearly as much if i'd gone for the more sensible but more expensive 3.0L grand cherokee.

    If my next post is asking for used jeep motors then you do of course have the right to laugh at my stupidity.
    I owned a 5.7 in the same WH series as yours. Being a Limited spec it will have the front and rear electronic lockers, and is therefore very very good off road.
    Mine had a diff whine in the back that was repaired under warranty, and a power steering pump that failed out of warranty. New one shipped in 2 days from Just For Jeeps in the US for under $100 after Dealer wanted $500 and 8 week wait.
    They do seem to eat front diff bushes so if it get a clunk in the front it's that. Otherwise they're actually a very sturdy thing, and they tow great.

    Quote Originally Posted by WildFishExpeditions View Post
    How much is your town weight?
    They're rated to 350kg on the tongue.

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    Re: jeep or nissan patrol?

    Just off topic a bit, I saw a new Patrol today, looks like the Nissan design team have finally got out of the 80's, although the front does look very Patrol like, the car in general looks pretty good, not at all like it was built from a Lego kit, like the last 25 years have been.

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    Re: jeep or nissan patrol?

    The Y62s are the biggest disappointment if you're after a real truck. IFS front end...

    The worst choice Nissan made were getting rid of the 4.2s... The second worst choice was the Y62 with the IFS front end.

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    Re: jeep or nissan patrol?

    Know nothing about the mechanicals, just commenting on the appearance, bit hard to see stuff like IFS and motors when in traffic....

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