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Thread: New posts tab???

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    New posts tab???

    Where did the new posts tab go? I used to just log in click on this and it would display all the threads with new posts since my last visit. Has it been removed or am I just going that little bit more senile each day.

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    Re: New posts tab???

    It's in the black header bar now, still at the top,of the page but no longer a separate button. I'm using an iPad tho, not sure if that makes a difference.

    Senility is is always an option lol.

    cheers Ryan

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    Re: New posts tab???

    Still there, see screen shot below


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    Re: New posts tab???

    yep, senility is taking over, thanks for that

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    Re: New posts tab???

    Quote Originally Posted by Just_chips View Post
    yep, senility is taking over, thanks for that
    All seems pretty normal to me mate

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    Re: New posts tab???

    Ya not the only billiy goat, i too asked once.


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