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    Whale of a time....beware

    Yesterday fishing off Evans Head - NSW we had numerous close encounters with large humpbacks and their calves. Never seen so many and nearly had one wrapped around anchor. A little too close for comfort.

    The attached report shows that one fisherman was not so lucky.

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    Re: Whale of a time....beware

    must not let my wife see this. she reckons that, the same as there are stupid humans, there must be stupid whales too (ie. breaching too close)

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    Re: Whale of a time....beware

    Saw at least 20 in the bay today. It's like a plague.

    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Re: Whale of a time....beware

    we had one come up just near us as well, caught both lines and my son had a nice snapper on which naturally we lost, but that's fishing


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