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Thread: Grand kids.

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    Grand kids.

    Heading to the pin tomorrow with, as the title suggests, grandchildren.
    Probably not so much fishing, as untangling, re rigging, yabbying and picnics.
    Should be a great day. Pity that the wind is up a bit.

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    Re: Grand kids.

    It will no doubt be gentleman's hours if it is involving grand kids, wind is forecast to drop as the day goes on, so you might be good!

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    Re: Grand kids.

    Yeah. Westerly wind is not too bad down there. Got plenty of snacks porta potty will be great fun.

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    Re: Grand kids.

    I'm hearing you Preso. Hope the day is good and you keep all the lines rigged and tangle free, hooks baited and all that stuff. You might even need a Valium sandwich when you get home.

    Don't want to be a pain, but please remember safety, safety, safety with the grand kids, as in life jackets etc for all the POB. Also make sure you've got all your rego and stuff and other essential gear on the boat up to date, because I'm hearing there's going to be a blitz on, being a long weekend and good weather.

    Not wanting to put the mocker on you, but hoping you all have a great day, something the grand kids won't forget.

    Take care,


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    Re: Grand kids.

    Was almost the exact opposite of th eforecast up my way, nice and pleasant early on, blowing like stink from about 9am on, hope it wasn't to bad for you!

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    Re: Grand kids.

    Yeah mate. Always on top of the safety.
    Well we had a great trip. No injuries bar a yabbie nip. 😁

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