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    South Passage Bar

    Hi Guys,

    I have been crossing the SPB through the middle channel, but have noticed the northern channel has started to open up.

    Has anyone been crossing though this northern section ?

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    Re: South Passage Bar

    Eeeeeek! I thought the middle channel was still closed over! When did it open up again? I haven't been outside for over twelve months but I used the Northern then - I think, hope!

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    Re: South Passage Bar

    The Trawler Channel use to have a dog leg but the last time I used it about three weeks ago that had since closed up and now the channel has opened up towards the north. The northern channel is starting to open up again I think next to that sand island. My two bobs worth.

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    Re: South Passage Bar

    I took a good pic while flying over it the other day but i can never work out how to post pics here but i csn email it to you, clearly shows the nortjern channel open and lumpy's back passage too

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    Re: South Passage Bar

    Back in June Bill Coreton wrote about a northern channel opening up. I believe it is a different northern channel than years gone by and it that goes between the beach and the breakers off short point. But don't quote me on that..

    "One of the biggest improvements around the bar has occurred at the shallow entrance to the north of Short Point. It is an interesting area with a couple of options either side of the sandbank at the outer extremity and has a few strange quirks to it when the swell is out of the east. Also, it is a more challenging run nearer the bottom of the tide, and timing is everything if a decent swell is running from the east because the waves can stand up rapidly on the outer bank as they move from quite deep water to very shallow all of a sudden".

    BnB magazine; Changes around the bar and how to catch tuna, pearlies, amberjack, kingfish & cod. June 12, 2016 Bill Coreton.

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    Re: South Passage Bar

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    I took this about 10 days ago....

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    Re: South Passage Bar

    Pics not working crunchy..
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    Re: South Passage Bar


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    Re: South Passage Bar

    Quote Originally Posted by Crunchy View Post
    Its a bit tricky


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    Re: South Passage Bar

    Not for a genius like you heh

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    Re: South Passage Bar

    Moejoes keeps telling me you are a bit challenged Crunchy............

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    Re: South Passage Bar

    I would say tarded myself, i think he's just being nice

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    Re: South Passage Bar

    He does the best he can.........

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