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nice boat

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    Jayco Penguin Outback

    It must be called getting old but sick of putting up the tent and are in the market for a Jayco Penguin Outback. Just wanting to get peoples feedback that have one or have used one and also if anyone knows of one for sale, please let me know as pretty scarce in my area.

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    Re: Jayco Penguin Outback

    Where is your area?

    I found there are quite a few for sale all over the place if you do a general search.


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    Re: Jayco Penguin Outback

    Byron Bay area Chimo,
    Yeah have seen a few but not going to travel to far to purchase unless very worthwhile and don't want to risk buying one sight unseen.

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    Re: Jayco Penguin Outback

    Had one about ten years ago,it was great , you wind the top up and it has straight sides , no mucking around pulling the ends out. I had a boat rack on mine and used to carry a small tinny on top. Easy to tow and store, easy to set up. I bought mine second hand and when I eventually sold it I made a profit and the phone never stopped ringing from people wanting to buy it. Only down side is there is not a lot of room inside. Ours was great for two people.

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    Re: Jayco Penguin Outback

    Thanks Bugsy,
    I intend on converting the one I get a little bit. As I have two young kids, I need to sort out the sleeping arrangements. I do not want to stuff around having to pull out beds like the Jayco Swan etc. I wan to just pull up, wind up the roof and get in. I intend of installing a slide out kitchen/pantry on the side where this is already an opening for storage that goes under the double bed. Then removing the inside kitchen and installing some bunks for the kids, once the kids are big enough, they will be outside in their own tent, they don't know that yet, then I will rip out the bunks and put in a couch for more room. I have a good mate tht has done this to his and it is bloody fantastic. This way when on the road for longer trips, no need to raise the roof to get some food under way, can just slide out the kitchen/Pantry, have lunch, slide it back in and we are away again. Also same as you Bugsy, will also be looking at a small tinny to put on top. I went is and saw Jayco up in Tweed Heads and asked if I ordered one new, would they do the renos I wanted and got a straight up NO, we don't customise them.........

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    Re: Jayco Penguin Outback

    Sounds good JN. Don't blame you for not wanting to set the tent up, you will find life a a lot easier with the Penguin and you will have no trouble with resale if the time comes to sell. You were in my neck of the woods at Tweed . Before that I was at Ballina , great fishing around there but that was twenty years ago.

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