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    trailer tyre pressure

    run a dual axle trailer with 5-95 m aluminium boat and 140hp motor on back. have had conflicts about air pressure in tyres. any helpful advice.

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    Re: trailer tyre pressure

    some will say 55 some will say 65, I go 65 personally

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    Re: trailer tyre pressure

    I've got my 625 Cruise craft on a trailer running 60lb and it would weigh 2 ton
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    Re: trailer tyre pressure

    Inflate to the tyre manufactures max pressure as stated on the tyre, trailer tyres need pressure, mostly because they are right on the limit of being suitable for the job....

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    Re: trailer tyre pressure

    Yeah also depends what tyres you have, are they light trucks or what? As Noel says check tyre capacity on sidewall against tow weight on the axle

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    Re: trailer tyre pressure

    The trailer plate should ID the tyres required, the sidewalls of the tyres will dictate their max pressure, I would be very surprised if you did not require "light truck" for that size boat, I'd go minimum 40, add more until they look round without exceeding the maximum on the tyre wall.
    If you dont have proper "walking " suspension, I'd go near maximum allowed, as there will be times the individual axles will be taking the whole load.

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