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How about instead of buying a new lure or having a flutter on the footy grand finals donate it instead to a worthy cause.


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TheMary River cod (Maccullochella mariensis), is one of Australia’s most endangered freshwater fish. Natural populations are limited only tothe Mary River system in south-East Queensland. It is estimated that Cod now occur in less than 30% of its former range in the Mary River system. In 1996, estimates were made that there may be as few as 600 Cod remaining in the Mary River system. The Commonwealth in April 2001, officially adopted the Mary River CodResearch and Recovery Plan which identified a suite of actions aimed at restoring cod populations including

Establishing a program of community involvement and education.

Developing a plan to improve hatchery production of the Mary River Cod, and restock throughout the former range.

Undertake research on key aspects of Mary River Cod ecology including genetics and captive-breeding techniques

The Gerry Cook Fish Hatchery has established a Five-Year Stategic Plan (2016 - 2021) that guides the production of Cod and details how the hatchery best contributes to the goals of the Recovery Plan.

The MaryRiver Catchment Coordinating Committee (MRCCC)is now overseeing the operation of the Gerry Cook Hatchery

Funding for the Hatchery is an urgent and critical limitation of the hatchery over the next five years. While the production potential of the hatchery has been maintained via volunteer efforts and very limited critical operating funds from the MRCCC, there is an urgent need to secure operating funding both in the short term (2016 breeding season) and for the longer term operation of the Hatchery To meet the objectives of the Recovery Plan. Funding will ensure that the operational costs of Cod production can be met, but also funds to ensure that an experienced hatchery manager and techniciancan be secured during the breeding season.

How The Funds Will Be Used

The Gerry Cook hatchery is seeking to relaease approxinately 80000 fingerlings into the creek system each year. A bare minimum operating budget for the hatchery peryears is $39,119, and includes:

Hatchery Operational Salary – $31,140

Operational Costs – $6,779

Insurances, fees and charges – $1,200

We are seeking to help support the hatchery but giving a kickstart to its funding this year. Every 50c donated will be another fingerling raised and released into the Mary river system. Every $5 will be 10 fish and every $50 will be another 100 fingerling released.

All funds raised will be directed to support thebreeding program at the Gerry Cook Hatchery. The MRCCA has a proventrack record of successful financial management over the last decade.
The Challenges

One of the principal objectives for stocking Cod fingerlings in the Mary River catchment is to support the recovery of breeding stocks tore-establish self-sustaining breeding populations. One critical aspect of the Mary River conservation stocking is to ensure careful genetic management of wild populations by targeting genetic profiles that match the receiving environments and ensure the greatest chance of success in the long term.

For the successful full scale production of Mary River cod fingerlings is a task that must be undertaken professionally, and which, at certain times during the breeding process requires an around the clock presence.

From: MRCCC Administration []
Sent: Monday, September 26, 2016 10:46 AM
Subject: Gerry Cook Hatchery update and request for support

Gerry Cook Hatchery update and request for support

Hatchery technicians Steve Poole and Darren Knowles are doing a fantastic job at the Gerry Cook Hatchery having successfully raised around 20,000 Mary River cod fingerlings so far with more on the way. The hatchery has received some support from Seqwater, Unity Water and HQPlantations, but more is needed to get us through to the end of the breeding season.

You can help to feed the hungry hoards by contributing to the Pozible campaign established by Dallas Frazier, environmental consultant and friend of the MRCCC. For the campaign to be successful, we need to raise $5000 in the next 28 days, so please visit the site, make a pledge and share share share so we can reach our goal.

Every 50c donated will be another fingerling raised and released into the Mary river system. Every $5 will be 10 fish and every $50 will be another 100 fingerlings released.

Please help bring back one of Australia's most iconic freshwater fish for future generations and please share this email and the link to the campaign to your networks.

thanks and kind regards,

Debbie Seal


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